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100 years on...We shall never forget..!

World War 1

Canada in World War One

We will be designing this website as a mark of respect to the brave servicemen and women who bravely fought for                                            our freedom in the First World War and  Second World War.

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The Canadians supported the British Empire without any hesitation in 1914.

When the First World War broke out, Canada amongst others of the British Empire were automatically involved.

The majority of the Canadians were fully supportive and felt they had a duty to fight for their motherland.

The Governor General Sir Wilfred Laurier stated " it is our duty to let Great Britain know and to let the friends and foes of Great Britain know, that there is in Canada but one mind and one heart and that all Canadian’s are behind the mother country.

On October 3rd 1914 over  31,000 Canadians set sail for battle for Battle in Europe at the time was the largest convoy to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Canada had a very small regular army before the First World War consisting of only 3,112 men but within only a couple of months Canada had recruited well over 32,000 men as people flocked to enrol.

Canada’s contribution to the First World War changed the country and it became more independent.

Canada suffered great loss in The First World War with 67,000 solder’s killed and 173,000 wounded.