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World War 1

Gallipoli Campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign too place in the Gallipoli Peninsula on the 25th of April 1915 through to 9th of January 1916.


A joint operation between the British and French Troops to capture the Ottoman Capital of Constantinople to secure a route to Russia failed with very Heavy Causalities.


The operation was a big failure for the Allies and regarded as a Major Success to the Turks.


This was the first campaign that the Australian and New Zealand were involved with in the First World War.

The attacks on Ottaman started in February with an attack on the Dardanelles began with the  Anglo-French task force including the British Battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth heavily bombarded the Ottoman artillery along the coastal stretch.

In the month of March the main attack was launched with a strong fleet of 18 battleships with support from cruisers and destroyers.


The allies suffered substantial losses with the french losing several battleships including the Battleship "Bouvet that was sunk by a mine.

The British ships HMS Irresistible and HMS Inflexible both suffered heavy damage from mines as well as HMS Ocean that was eventually sank as it was trying to rescue the Irresistible.


With the heavy looses to the Navel fleets allies decided that Gallipoli could not be taken by Naval power alone.

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