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100 years on...We shall never forget..!

World War 1

Germany and Empire in World War One

We will be designing this website as a mark of respect to the brave servicemen and women who bravely fought for                                            our freedom in the First World War and  Second World War.

                               Any funds raised from this website will go to a War related Charity.                        

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World War Ancestry

Austria-Hungary declared war with Serbia on 28th July 1914.

Germany pledging its Alliance with Austria-Hungary, the German army invaded Neutral Belgium on August 3rd 1914.

Germany had prepared itself for any future war in the early 20th century nine years earlier with the concept of " Schlieffen Plan"

With  Russia on the east and the French on the west both countries part of the Anglo-Russian Entente,  the Germans had prepared themselves to be fighting on two fronts.