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World War 1

Lance Corporal Jack D’Hooghe

Dear Mrs D’Hooghe

Your letter of the 16th addressed to the ?? 7th Suffolks has been handed to me for reply. I have again made enquiries about your boy L/C J D’Hooghe and I am grieved to have to tell you that I can find out nothing. He may be a prisoner of war; there were some of his battalion made prisoners on July 3rd; though I am bound to say that if he had been, it is likely that he would have been able to write to you before this. I knew your dear son very well and prepared him for confirmation. He was confirmed on June 9th last and communicated with us on several occasions I think. Perhaps you have heard from a friend of his L/C Willis. If you have heard nothing more I hope you will write to me again and let me know, for I should like to write to you and tell you more about your boy as far ?????????????thing to do with him. I should have written to (you) before but have been waiting and writing for news and there are so many to write to that one can only write to those of whom one has heard something definite. So please let me know if you have heard anything. If you have not, I do so want to write to you again. I am writing this in haste to avoid delay. Your letter came into my hands only yesterday.

Yours in deepest sympathy

(Rev) A. R. Cousins CF

Att. 7th Suffolks


Dear Mrs D’Hooghe,

I am in receipt of your letter of the 7th. I am indeed sorry that you have had no news of your boy. Nothing is known at this end, nor, has his name appeared in the only list of prisoners, we have received. I do sympathise with you, with all my heart, the most especially, so as, your boy, was one of those, I prepared for confirmation and he was confirmed at Bethune, on June 9th last. Some weeks previous to that, I had a talk with him and L/C Willis and there in the provinces of a stable, He gave his life to Christ. I saw him several times after that and he was confirmed…….(section missing)

I am sure that if he has departed this life, He is  still in the same safe keeping and the same sweet faith and that his only grief is lest you should grief (sic) for him. Should you hear no more of him, I should like you to know, that your boy, cheered my heart then, as it never was cheered before, and I shall ever think of him, with gratitude.

May I too, take the liberty of thanking you, his mother, for having, given him to the great cause, and for us who at present remain.

Address is, L/C Willis

                 C/O W Ellis Willis

                  Farmers Lane



He is a dear boy and I am sure would like, to write to you, with the very deepest sympathy.

With you in your anxiety,

Yours very sincerely,

Rev A R Cousins CF

Chap Att 7th Suffolks

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