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World War 1

 RMS Lusitania  of World War One

World War Ancestry

RMS Lusitania set sail from New York to Liverpool on May 1st 1915 unknown her passengers and crew this was her final voyage.

The Germans had declared the seas around the British Isles a “war zone”and warned the Germans in America not to sail on The British Ocean Liner.

The luxury British ocean Liner Lusitania was sunk on the Afternoon of May 7th 1915 by a single torpedo fired by a German U Boat.

A second internal explosion on the ship sent Lusitania to the bottom of the ocean in a matter of only 18 minutes.

The American people regarded the threat of the Germans as just war propaganda.

RMS Lusitania sank 11 miles of the coast of Ireland causing devastation and the death of 1195 people including 128 American civilian Passengers.

It had been claimed that Lusitania had been transporting ammunition to Great Britain but this was not known at the time of the sinking of the cargo ship.

After further investigation it had been confirmed that the British Cargo liner had been carrying ammunition for the allies against the Germans.

The sinking of neutral American ships outraged the Americans that finally led to the Americans declaring war on Germany.

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