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World War 1

Turkey in World War One

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World War Ancestry

Turkey regarded herself as a neutral country before the start of World War One between Germany and Great Britain.

Turkey having a history against the Russians in The Crimean War of 1853 to 1856 and a shift of power in 1907 had left tensions between the Turks and the Russians.very high.

In 1912 the British arranged a naval mission to help protect the straits against Russian ambition of the falling empire but also the Turks also had a strong relationship with the Germans.

Turkey had allowed the Germans to build and operate a Berlin to Baghdad railway allowing the Germans to secure Middle East oil to the Build-up of The First World War.

Great Britain had been contracted to build two Dreadnought ships for the Turks but consequently confiscated the vessels for her own use which outraged the Turks as The British did not return the money that had been paid out for the ships.

The Germans seized the opportunity to enhance their relationship with the Turks by offering 2 old but serviceable ships at a bargain price and before long the Germans had control of the Ottoman Navy.

Turkey had granted permission to the Germans for the two ships to be used to attack Russian Ports resulting in the event of Turkey was finally a declared ally of Germany on 31 October, 1914,