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World War 1

United States of America in World War One

We will be designing this website as a mark of respect to the brave servicemen and women who bravely fought for                                            our freedom in the First World War and  Second World War.

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World War Ancestry

The American wished to avoid any conflict in World War One and did not enter World War One until 1917.

The American entered the war for several reasons; one of the reasons was unauthorised German submarines along the East Coast of America and the sinking of American ships.

The Germans intended to starve the British of supplies from the America by destroying all transport ships heading to Great Britain.

It has said one of the main reasons the Americans entered the First World War was due to the sinking of the British Transport ship Lusitania.

1195 people died with 128 Americans being amongst the victims of the sinking.

President Woodrow Wilson called for neutrality "In thought and deed"

The British intelligence intercepted The Zimmermann telegram from the German Empire to Mexico on 16th January 1917 prompting the Americans to declare war on Germany.

United States President Woodrow outlined the case for declaring a war against Germany on April 2nd 1917 with a formal declaration following on 6th April 1917.