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Book Catalogue

WW2 Themes.

NUREMBURG The Last Battle by David Irving £20. 1996 Hardback. Account of the Nuremburg trials of 1945.

No Passing Glory by Andrew Boyle £4. 1957 Hardback. The full biography of Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, DSO, DFC.

Popski’s Private Army by Vladimir Peniakoff £5. 1953 Hardback. The author’s war time life between 1940-5.

The Wooden Horse by Eric Williams £2. 1950 Hardback. Account of the famous POW escape. (Two Copies Available)

The Struggle for Europe by Chester Wilmot £3. 1954 Hardback. Account of the post war division of Europe and why it happened.

The Greatest raid of All by CE Lucas Phillips £5. 1959 Hardback. Account of the HMS Campbeltown raid at St Nazaire.

Adolf Hitler by John Toland £3. 1977 Hardback. Complete with some loose pages.

ALAMEIN and the desert war by Montgomery and others, edited by D Jewell £1.  1967 Paperback acount of Alamein et al.

Wing Leader by Group Captain Johnnie Johnson £5. SOLD

French Writing on English Soil Translated by JG Weightman £3. 1945 Hardback. A choice of French writing between 1940 and 1944.

Bugles and a Tiger by John Masters £3. 1957 Hardback. A subalterns life in the Gurkhas 1933-39.

The Colditz Story and The Latter Days by P R Reid £5. 1972 Hardback account of Reid’s Home Run and the years 1942 to 45 at Colditz.

Going to the Wars by John Verney £2. 1957 Hardback. Semi auto-biographical account.

Great War Speeches of Winston Churchill £2. 1957 Paperback transcript of all the war time speeches of WSC.

Dawn of D-Day by David Howarth £3. 1959 Hardback personal account/memoir. (2 copies for sale)

The Nazis Go Underground by Curt Riess £100. 1945 Hardback. An account of the likely disappearance of leading Nazis at the war’s end.

Kreta, Sieg Der Kuhnsten £125. 1942 Hardback. German language account of the battle for Crete – many photos.

Hitler and Germany by B J Elliott £5. 1968 Paperback.

THE TIMES Atlas of World War II Edited by John Keegan £12. 1989 Hardback atlas of WW2 maps and explanatory text.

The German Navy 1939-45 by Cajus Bekker £4. 1997 Hardback edition.

Hess – The missing years 1941-45 by David Irving £4. 1989 Paperback.

The Luftwaffe 1939-45 By A Galland and others £10. 1972 English language hardback edition.

Munich – Spirit of a German City £100. War time produced English language hardback with loose leaf picture of Hitler.( two loose pages.)

Verschworung und Verrat um Hitler by Otto Ernst Remer £120. 1993 German language hardback.

Verschwiegene Schuld Die Allierte Besatzungspolitik in Deutschland Nach 1945 by James Bacque £25. German language hardback 1995.

The Great Escape by Paul Brickhill £4. 1952 Hardback edition. An account of the famous tale.

Men Against Tanks by John Weeks £4. SOLD

Patton’s Gap by Maj Gen R Rohmer (2nd Edition) -  £2. RCAF first hand account of the air fighting in Normandy 1944.

Winston Churchill the Years of Achievement by Lewis Broad £50. 1963 Hardback biography of the great man.

The Berlin Diaries 1940-45 Of Marie Vassiltchikov £10. 1990 paperback edition.

INFERNO the devastation of Hamburg 1943 by Keith Lowe £8. 2007 Paperback edition.

World War 2 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition by Ivor Matanale £2. Large sumptuous hardback-many photos.

Arbeits Kommando by Elvet Williams £2. 1975 Hardback account of WW2 escape story after Williams’ capture in Crete.

The story of a world at war – World War 2 by N Cawthorne £1. 2009 Hardback – many good photos.

The Turn of the Tide by Arthur Bryant £2. 1957 Hardback study of the diaries of Viscount Alanbrooke 1939-43 (see 36)

Triumph in the West by Arthur Bryant £2. 1959 Hardback completing the studies of Viscount Alanbrooke’s diaries to 1946 (see 35)

The Battle of Britain by Maureen Hill photos by the Daily Mail £2. 2010 Hardback with fantastic photos.

Old Men Forget the autobiography of Duff Cooper £3. 1953 hardback. An account of Duff Cooper’s life.

Harold MacMillan War Diaries The Mediterranean 1943-43 £3. 1984 Hardback.

Failure of a Mission – Berlin 1937-39 by Sir Nevile Henderson £20. 1940 Hardback account of the attempt to avoid war.

Three Great Sea Stories by P Shankland and others £3. 1968 Hardback account of Malta Convoys and Submarine warfare.

Battleship Sailors by Harry Plevey £4. 2001 Hardback account of HMS Warspite as told by the men who served. WW1 and 2.

Most Secret War by RV Jones £5. 1978 Hardback account of British Scientific Inteligence 1939-45.

Waves of Hate by Tony Bridgland £3. 2002 Hardback account of Naval atrocities in WW2.

Messerschmitts over Sicily by Johannes Steinhoff £4. 2004 Hardback account of Steinhoff’s memoirs in the Luftwaffe.

Killing Ground by Douglas Reeman £1. 1991 Hardback historical novel on the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Battle of Britain Museum Guide as published by the RAF Museum, Hendon – embossed cover £2.

Dive Bomber by Robert Winston £5. 1940 hardback account of a pilot in the USNR.

Churchill His Life and Times by Michael Thomson £4. 1965 Hardback account of the life of WS Churchill.

Fighter Pilot by unknown pilot £10. SOLD

A Bridge too Far by Cornelius Ryan £1. 1974 Paperback tale of the assault and fighting at Arnhem in 1944.

The War Years – Life in Britain 1939-45 by Janice Anderson £1. 2007 Hardback llok at life on the home front.

Seven Men at Daybreak by Alan Burgess £10. 1960 Hardback account with original photos of the assassination of Heydrich.

WORLD WAR II by Ronald Heifferman £2. 1998 Hardback account of the war.

My Father Rudolf Hess by Wolf R Hess £4. 1987 Paperback account of Hess by his son translated from German.

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler by Judith Steeh £5. 1980 Hardback account of AH’s life.

Winston Churchill by Martin Gilbert 3 Hardback Volumes 1939-41, 1941–1945 & 1945-1965. £50 all 3.

Escape From Germany by Aidan Crawley £8. 1956 Hardback account of RAF escapes from German POW camps.

Joseph Goebbels by Viktor Reimann £2. 1976 Paperback account of the man who ‘created Hitler’.

The Man Who Saved London (Michel Hollard DSO and Croix de Guerre) by G Martelli £3. 1961 Hardback account of the fight to destroy the V1 sites.

Manstein Lost Victories by Field Marshall Manstein £12. 1987 Hardback English translation of Manstein’s 1955 memoirs.

GEORGE VI by Sarah Bradford £2. 1989 Hardback look at the life of the wartime King.

The Trail of the Fox – The Life of FM Erwin Rommel by David Irving £5. 1977 Hardback account of Rommel’s life.

Hitler and Stalin Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock £10. 1991 Hardback account of their lives.

Blitzkrieg by Len Deighton £2. 1979 Hardback account of the rise of Hitler to the fall of Dunkirk.

Panzer Leader by General Heinz Guderian £3. 1974 Paperback English translation of Guderian’s 1952 book.

The Battle of Britain by Derek Wood £1. 1990 Hardback account with many photos.

Rommel by Charles Douglas-Home £4. 1973 Hardback account of Rommel as a great commander.

The Last Year of the German Army May 1944 – May 1945 by James Lucas £4. 1994 Hardback account of the last year of the war.

Rommel’s Intelligence in the Desert Campaign by Hans-Otto Behrendt £10. 1985 Hardback English translation.

Hitler by Joachim Fest £8. 1974 Hardback English translation of Fest’s book.

It Never Snows in September – The German View of MARKET GARDEN – Arnhem by Robert Kershaw £8. 1990 Hardback.

Secret Germany – Claus Von Stauffenberg and the Mystical Crusade Against Hitler by Baigent and Leigh £5. 1994 Hardback.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer £10. 1969 Paperback of Shirer’s famous book.

The Art of Blitzkrieg by Charles Messenger £5. 1976 Hardback account and explanation of Blitzkrieg.

Descent Into Nightmare – The Third Reich £6. 2004 Hardback by Time Life Books.

Swastika at War by Robert Hunt and Tom Hartman £5. 1975 Hardback photographic account of the war by German photographers.

Hitler The Victory That Nearly Was by Bruce Quarrie £3. 1988 Hardback.

The War Between the Generals by David Irving £2. 1981 Hardback account of infighting at Allied High Command.

The Fringes of Power by John Colville £4. 1985 Hardback Downing Street Diaries 1939-55

The Last Assault by Charles Whiting £2. 1994 Hardback Reassessment of the Battle of the Bulge.

Pillar of Fire Dunkirk 1940 by Ronald Atkin £3. 1990 Hardback account of the BEF’s retreat to Dunkirk.

Victory in Normandy by Maj gen D Belchem £2. 1980 detailed look at Overlord and D Day June 1944.

The D – Day Encyclopaedia by D Chandler and others £5. 1994 detailed look at all aspects of D-Day – 650 pages. Great detail.

DUNKIRK:Fight to the Last Man by H Sebag-Montefiore £3. 2006 Hardback account of the retreat to Dunkirk.

DUNKIRK The Great Escape by A J Barker £2. 1977 Hardback account of the retreat.

Armoured Firepower by Peter Gudgin £2. 1997 Hardback look at tank armament 1939-45.

WW2 Armoured Fighting Vehicles by George Forty £10. 1996 hardback look at 39-45 AFV’s and SPA.

SECOND WORLD WAR by Martin Gilbert £20. 1989 Hardback narrative of the war.

Atlas of the Second World War by Peter Young £10. 1973 Hardback book of maps covering all theatres.

The Origins of the Second World War by AJP Taylor £10. 1983 Hardback of Taylor’s original 1961 book.

The Last Battle by Charles Whiting £2. 1989 Hardback of Montgomery’s campaign April-May 1945.

The Last 100 Days by John Toland £12. 1966 Hardback account of the end of the war.

On The Bloody Road to Berlin Edited by Rogers and Williams £3. 2005 Hardback series of frontline accounts from both fronts 1944-45.

Brute Force by John Ellis £5. 1990 Hardback look at Allied Strategy and Tactics in WW2.

The Armed Forces of World War 2 by Andrew Mollo £1. 2001 Paperback detailing uniforms, insignia and organisation of the armies involved.

Enemy Coast Ahead by Guy Gibson (2 copies) £1  for the 1979 paperback and £3 for the 1955 edition.

War Diaries 1939-45 Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke edited by Danchev and Todman £3. SOLD

TRIBUTE by Alwyn Turner £2. 1995 Hardback salute to the british Forces of WW2.

Great Battles of World War 2 by John Macdonald £7. 1986 Hardback

The Right of the Line by John Terraine £1. 1988 Paperback account of the RAF in the war 1939-45.

With Pennants Flying by David Masters £5. 1943 Hardback- The Immortal Deeds of the Royal Armoured Corps.

PANZER by Roger Edwards £5. 1989 Hardback look at the revolution in warfare 1939-45.

German Tanks of WW2 by George Forty £7. 1988 Hardback look at German tanks in action 39-45.

WW2 Tanks by George Forty £5. 1995 Hardback look at tanks of all nations in WW2.

German Tanks at War by Bob Carruthers £6. 2000 Hardback account of German armour 39-45 in action and technically.

PANZER by Matthew Cooper and James Lucas £2. 1976 Hardback look at the armoured force of the Third Reich.

FLAMETHROWER by Andrew Wilson £8. 1984 Hardback reprint of Wilson’s 1956 memoir of the fighting from D-Day with his fire spitting Crocodile tank.

Only The Enemy in Front by Richard Doherty £15. 1994 Hardback account of the RECCE Corps at war 1940-46.

CRUSADER by Richard Humble £15. 1987 Hardback look at the 8th Army’s forgotten victory Nov 41 – Jan 42.

Dilemmas of the Desert War by Michael Carver £2. 1986 Hardback look at the Libyan Campaign 40-42. (Also 1 Paperback copy £2)

The Skys The Limit by J M Spaight £5. 1940 Hardback look at British Airpower as at 1940.

Montgomery of Alamein – El Alamein to the Sangro & Normandy to the Baltic £15. 1973 Hardback reprint of Monty’s 1948 book.

Montgomery in Europe 1943-45 – Success or Failure? by Richard Lamb £10. 1983 Hardback look at Monty’s European theatre.

Monty’s Greatest Victory by Charles Whiting £2. 2002 Hardback account of the drive for the Baltic April/May 1945. (2 copies)

The Field Marshall’s Revenge by Charles Whiting £2. 2004 Hardback look at Monty’s relationship breakdown with the US.

The Crucible of War – Western Desert 1941 by Barrie Pitt £10. 1980 Hardback account of war in the desert 1941.

The Crucible of War – Year of Alamein 1942 by Barrie Pitt £4. 1982 Hardback look at El alamein 1942.

A Noble Crusade by Richard Doherty £2. 1999 Hardback history of the 8th Army 1941-45.

Monty’s Marauders by Patrick Delaforce £3. 2000 Hardback history of 4th and 8th Armoured Brigades.

The Desert Rats by Maj Gen G L Verney £3. 1990 Hardback reprint of Verney’s 1954 history of 7th Armoured Division in WW2.

Churchill’s Desert Rats by Patrick Delaforce £1. 1994 Paperback 7th Armoured Divn. Normandy to Berlin.

The North African War by Warren Tute (Foreword by Manfred Rommel) £2. 1976 Hardback.

Desert Rats at War by George Forty £4. 1976 Hardback look at the history of the fighting in N Africa.

Panzer Army Africa by James Lucas £2. 1977 Hardback look at Desert warfare from the German viewpoint. (2 copies)

The World at Arms – Readers Digest look at WW2 £3. 1989 Hardback full account with photos.

Mosquito by C Martin Sharp £25. 1967 Hardback of this much sought after book about the De Havilland Mosquito

The SS Alibi of a Nation by Gerald Reitlinger £2. 1981 Hardback reprint of the 1956 book about the SS from original source material.

Six Armies in Normandy by John Keegan £2. 1992 paperback from D Day to the liberation of Paris.

The Killing Ground by James Lucas £5. 1978 hardback look in detail at the battle of The Falaise Gap August 1944.

Decision in Normandy by Carlo D’Este £3. 1983 hardback story of Montgomery’s and the allied campaign from June 1944.

Churchill his life in Photographs -£10 1956 Hardback to celebrate his 80th Birthday.

Dowding and the Battle of Britain £2 by Robert Wright. 1970 Paperback edition.

DIEPPE August 1942 by Eric Maguire £1. 1974 Paperback account of the infamous assault on Dieppe.

The Ghost Squadron of the Confederate Air Force £25. 1970s Hardback look at 1939-45 from the USAF

The Friendly Invasion by Roger Freeman £2. 1992 paperback look at life in Britain when the Yanks were here!!

The First and the Last by Adolf Galland (Foreword by D Bader) £10. 1975 Ppaerback edition of this famous book.

Moon Squadron by Jerrard Tickell £5. 1956 Hardback account of WW2 clandestine RAF missions.

The Order of the SS by Freric Reider £1. 1981 Hardback pictorial look at the SS

Fighter Command 1939-45 by David Oliver £1. 2000 hardback account – great photos.

The Spy Who Loved by Claire Mulley £4. 2012 Hardback account of the life of SOE spy Christine Granville.

Whicker’s War by Alan Whicker £1. 2005 Hardback account of Alan’s WW2 experiences.

The Battle of Flanders 1940 by Ian Hay £2. Official HMSO 1941 history account.

The Thin Blue Line by Charles Graves £3. 1940s Hardback first hand account of the author’s experiences in the wartime RAF.

Troop Leader by Bill Bellamy £3. 2007 paperback first hand account of fighting in NW Europe from June 9 1944.

The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary £3. 1957 paperback copy of Hillary’s RAF escapades

Tail Gunner by Flt.Lt Rivaz £5- 1940s paperback first hand account.

WW1 Themes.

HITLER Born at Versailles by Leon Degrelle £150. 1987 Hardback edition. Volume 1 of Degrelle’s proposed 14 volume tome.

August 1914 by Solzhenitsyn £4. 1974 paperback edition in English.

1915 The Death of Innocence by Lyn McDonald £2. 1993 Hardback account of the battles of 1915 as told by the participants.

Sagitarius Rising by Cecil Lewis £5. 1969 paperback account of Lewis’ flying on the Western Front with the RFC.

The Best of Fragments from France – Cpt Bruce Bairnsfather edited by T and V Holt £3. 1978 Paperback look at the work of Bairnsfather.

The Invasion by William Le Queux £15. 1910 Hardback fictional account of a German invasion of the UK – pre WW1 hysteria!

The Pomp of Power by Laurance Lyon £10. 1923 Hardback political account of WW1. Asquith, Lloyd George, Nivelle, Joffre etc.

First World War by Martin Gilbert £9. 1994 Hardback large volume account of the war with maps etc.

The Great War Generals by Robin Neillands £2. 1998 Hardback look at the war and the generals who fought it.

The Imperial War Museum Book of the First World War £1 by Malcolm Brown. 1991 Hardback covers all aspects.

Forgotten Voices of teh Great War by Max Arthur £1. 2003 paperback first hand account by men who served.

The Last Fighting Tommy by Harry Patch and Richard Van Emden £4. 2009 Hardback account of Harry’s life 1898-2009

The Experience of WW1 by J M Winter SOLD.

12 Volumes of The Great World War a History by Gresham Publishing. The 12 volumes for sale are parts 2, 4, 5, 7, 8,10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18. The volumes cover all aspects of WW1 and have many b&w photos and maps. £30. Published 1914-18.

6 Volumes of The History of the Great War – Edited by Newman Flower Vols 1-6. Published during the war and just after £40.

7 Volumes of The Great War Edited by HW Wilson. Vols 1-5 and 9, 10. Published during the war – covers all aspects with maps and pictures. £65.

Volume 2 only of The War Illustrated Edited by J A Hammerton (Loose Binding but intact) £10. Many superb pictures.

The Reluctant Tommy by Ronald Skirth £1. 2010 paperback look at Skirth’s life.

Royal Navy Themes

Anatomy of Neptune Edited by Brian Tunstall £10. 1936 Hardback.The Royal Navy from Henry VIII to the 1920s.

Jane’s Fighting Ships 1967-68 £40. Hardback reference book.

NELSON by Carola Oman £3. 1950 Hardback account of Nelson’s life.

Channel Pilot Vol 1 Comprising the Scilly Isles and the South Coast of England from Pendeen to Foreness Point £5. 1957 Sailing book of reference.

Boy Seaman RN – The True Story by Tom Robson £8. 1996 paperback first edition signed by the author. The story of boy ratings in the RN.

The Encyclopaedia of Sea Warfare – foreword by Mountbatten of Burma £4. Hardback encyclopaedia from 1975.

TRAFALGAR by John Terraine £3. 1976 Hardback account by a famous author.

TRAFALGAR by Alan Schom £2. 1990 Hardback countdown to battle 1803-05.

Atlas of Naval Warfare by Helmut Pemsel £1. 1977 Hardback look at Naval warfare over the centuries 490BC to the 20th century.

Falkland War Themes.

Margaret Thatcher the Downing Street Years (Includes the Falkland War era) 1993 Hardback £2.

War in the Falklands – By The Sunday Express £1. 1982 Hardback account of the war.

The Battle for the Falklands by Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins £3. 1983 Hardback account of the 1982 war.

Forces 85 £3. SOLD

Eyewitness Falklands by Robert Fox £1. SOLD

Forgotten Voices of the Falklandsby H McManners £1. SOLD

Other Military Themes.

The Four Feathers by AEW Mason £5. 1929 Hardback edition of the famous tale.

Gordon by Anthony Nutting £10. 1966 hardback edition. Gordon of Khartoum.

Behind Iranian Lines by John Simpson £2. 1988 paperback edition.

CATCH 22 by Joseph Heller £3. 1961 Hardback edition of the famous novel.

Florence Nightingale by Cecil Woodham – Smith £3. 1952 Hardback edition.

An Illustrated History of the RAF By Roy Nesbit £2. 1990 large hardback.

The Lost Spy by Andrew Meier £3. 2009 Paperback – An American in Stalin’s secret service.

Dispatches by Michael Herr £1

Battles in Britain 1066-1746 by William Seymour £2. 1979 Hardback detailes account of battles fought on British soil.

The Recollections of Sergeant Morris £2. 1998 paperback – A cockney soldier at Waterloo.

SAS Operations by James D Ladd £5. 1986 Hardback account of SAS operations 1941 to the Falklands War.

Military Mavericks by David Rooney £1. 1999 Paperback account of maverick commanders from Shaka Zulu to Wingate and many more.

The Operators by James Rennie £1. 1996 Hardback account of 14 Intelligence Company from N Ireland onwards.

History of the British Army by Charles Messenger £3. 1986 Hardback concise history from 1660.

The World’s fighting Planes by William Green £10. SOLD

POW the Uncivil Face of War by Richard Garrett £1. 1981 paperback account of POW’s from the 100 Years War to the Vitenam war.

The Aeropspace Encyclopaedia of Air Warfare Vol 1 1911-1945 edited by D March £1. 1997 Hardback.

The Shuttleworth Museum guide from 1966 £5.

Dispatches by Michael Herr £1. 1979 Paperback account of episodes of the war in Vietnam.

Task Force Helmand by Doug Beattie MC £1. 2009 paperback account of war in Afghanistan.

The Tragedy of Cambodian History by David Chandler £2. SOLD

General Norman Schwarzkopf – The Autobiography £2. 1992 hardback account of the life of Stormin’ Norman.

Encyclopaedia of Modern Small Arms by Ian V Hogg £2. 1984 encyclopaedia.

Inside Spetsnaz by Maj. Wm H Burgess £5. 1990 hardback of Soviet Special Operations.

LEADERSHIP – an official RAF publication for junior officers – from the Staff College Cranwell £10. 2005 Hardback.

A Brief History of the RAF – an official publication by the MOD £10. 2004 Paperback.

Air Force Leadership Beyond Command – an official publication by the MOD for RAF staff- £10. 2004 Paperback.

GULF WAR by Dr Frederick Stanwood and others £5. 1991 Hardback day by day account of the first Gulf War.

Military Small Arms of the 20th Century by Ian V Hogg £2. 1991 Hardback encyclopaedia style book.

COMBAT Armed and Unarmed combat skills from official manuals around the world £4. 1989 Hardback skills manual.

AIR FORCE the RAF in the 1990s by Robert Jackson £3. 1990 Hardback account of the RAF at the time.

The History of the Vietnam War by C T Kamps £5. 1988 Hardback account of the war with many photos.

Armoured Firepower by Lindsay Peacock £2. 1997 Hardback look at the firepower available from armoured vehicles, glossy photos.

Between the Wars by D C Somervell £3. 1948 Hardback account of the politics of each European country post 1918 and pre 1939.

Danger Spots of Europe by Bernard Newman £10. 1939 Hardback look at the politics of central Europe pre WW2.

Humour in the Army by John Aye £5. 1931 Hardback tales from Army life over the centuries including list of nicknames.

Fighting for the Fatherland by David Stone £6. 2006 Hardback story of the German Soldier from 1648 to the present day.

A Genius for War by Colonel T N Dupuy £12. 1977 Hardback account of the German Army and General Staff 1807-1945.

A Funny Kind of War by Robert Briggs £1. 1985 Hardback personal memoir of Briggs’ service and time spent as a POW -WW2.

The 11th Hussars by R Brett-Smith £20. 1969 Paperback history of the 11th Hussars edited by Gen. Sir B Horrocks.

Remember With Advantages by H Keown-Boyd £8. 1994 Hardback history of the 10th, 11th and Royal Hussars 1945-92.

The Eleventh at War by Brigadier Dudley Clarke £100. 1952 Hardback history of the 11th Hussars 1934-45.

The Cherrypickers by Peter Upton £75. 1997 Hardback history of the 11th Hussars 1715-1969. Only 300 printed 1st edition.

Napoleon’s Marshalls edited by David Chandler £5. 1987 Hardback look at all of Napoleon’s commanders.

Sound Barrier by Neville Duke £5. SOLD

Napoleon’s Last Campaign in Germany 1813 by F Loraine Petre £8. 1977 hardback edition of this book originally produced in 1912.

The Royal Air Force in pictures by Major Oliver Stewart £15. 1943 4th edition of this contemporary book.

Vintage Aeroplanes in New Zealand by John King £10. 1986 Hardback.

Napoleon’s Armies – Campaign Directory for Wargamers 1805-15 by Ray Johnson £40. 1984 Hardback much sought after book.

VANGUARD 50 -50th Anniversaryof the 146th Tactical Airlift Wing USAF £10. Large Hardback

RAF Unit Histories (2 books) Nos 1-200 Squadron and Nos 201 -1435 Squadron £20 the pair – published 1969 and 1973

AUSTERLITZ 1805 by Christopher Duffy £5. 1977 Hardback much acclaimed work.

WATERLOO by Commandant Henry Lachouque £10. 1975 Hardback – large glossy detailed account of the battle.

History of the Waterloo Campaign by Captain W Siborne £15. 1995 Hardback very detailed history.

The Art of War Waterloo to Mons by William McElwee £4. 1974 Hardback look at globa war from 1815 to 1914.

The Spanish Ulcer by David Gates £10. 1986 Hardback History of the Peninsular War.

The Age of Battles by Russell Weigley £4. 1991 Hardback quest for decisive warfare Breitenfeld to Waterloo.

Famous Tank Battles from WW1 to Vietnam by Robert J Icks £4. 1972 Hardback look at tank warfare globally.

Tank Action by George Forty £2. 1995 Hardback account of tank warfare 1916 – to the first Gulf War.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles by Philip Trewhitt £1. 1999 Hardback guide to AFVs and SPA.

JANE’S Tank Recognition Guide by Christopher Foss £1. 1996 Paperback Guide to tank recognition.

A New Excalibur by A J Smithers £5. 1986 Hardback account of tank development 1909 -1939.

The GUINESS Book of Tank – Facts and Feats by Kenneth Macksey £6. 1979 Hardback.

Tank Versus Tank by Kenneth Macksey £2. 1988 Hardback look at armoured conflict in the 20th Century.

Desert Warfare by Brian Perrett £2. 1988 Hardback look at desert fighting from Roman times to the Gulf conflict.

The Gallant Six Hundred by John Harris £3. 1974 Hardback account of the charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimea.

What If? Edited by Robert Cowley £1. 2000 Hardback series of essays if history had been different!

Battle Tactics of the American Civil War by Paddy Griffiths£10. 1989 Hardback look at tactics and evolution.

Battle Cry of Freedom -The American Civil War by James McPherson £12. 1988 Hardback detailed account of the war.

Military Blunders by Saul David £1. SOLD

The Seventy Great Battles of all Time Edited by Jeremy Black £3. 2005 Hardback look at battles from 490Bc to 2003.

Land Warfare in the 20th Century £1. 1977 Hardback encylopaedia – various authors.

Battle Honours of the British and Commonwealth Armies by Anthony Barker £1. 1986 Hardback significant reference book.

A History of Warfare by Montgomery of Alamein £2. 1968 Hardback look at war by the famous Field Marshall.

The Decisive Battles of the Western World 2 Volumes in a boxed set by J F C Fuller £5. 1970 Paperback 480BC – 1944.

The Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848-1918 by A J P Taylor £15. 1987 Hardback reprint of the 1954 original book.

Battles of the American Civil War by Curt Johnson £3. 1977 Hardback account from Bull Run to Petersburg.

INVASION by Kenneth Macksey £1. 1980 Hardback look at the proposed invasion of England in 1940.

A World Atlas of Military History 1860-1945 by Arthur Banks £1. Detailed maps and text.

The English Civil War by Maurice Ashley £3. 1990 Hardback account of the war 1640-51.

SOLDIERS A History of Men in Battle by John Keegan and Richard Holmes £2. 1985 Hardback look at soldiers and their conduct.

Supplying War by Martin Van Creveld £6. 1977 Hardback look at Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton.

Military Intelligence Blunders by Col. J Hughes-Wilson £1. 1999 Paperback account of intelligence blunders 1944 -91.

A World Atlas of Military History Volume one to 1500 by Arthur Banks £1. 1973 Hardback detailed maps and text.

Atlas of Military Strategy By David Chandler £2. 1980 Hardback look at military practice 1618-1878.

Strategy & Tactics of War by Ned Wilmott £1. 1979 Hardback account of war on land at sea and in the air.

Tactical Genius in Battle by Simon Goodenough £1. 1979 Hardback look at battles where tactical thought prevailed.

A Dictionary of Military Biography by Martin Windrow £2. 1975 Hardback biography of 200 of the biggets names 10th to 20th century.

Battles of the Great Commanders by Anthony Livesey £2. 1987 Hardback – Alexander the Great to Moshe Dayan.

Great Battlefields of the World by John Macdonald £2. 1982 Hardback look at the features of battlefields from Cannae 216BCto Dien Bien Phu 1953.

Tumult in the Clouds by Andrew Cunningham £5. 1953 fictionalsied account of the authors wartime experiences.

AGINCOURT by Christopher Hibbert £2. 1978 reprint of the 1964 original account of the battle.

The Defeat of the Spanish Armada by Grant Mattingley £3. 1983 Hardback reprint of the original 1959 book.

The Spanish Armada by Colin Martin £1. 1988 Hardback account of the events before, during and after 1588.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1 volume abridgement) by E Gibbons £4. 1981 Hardback.

The Conquistadors by Hammond Innes £1. 1986 Hardback look at the conquest.

10 volumes of War In Peace by Orbis Publishing. 1983 Hardbacks looking at all aspects of wars over the years £75.

True Stories of the SAS by Robin Hunter £2. 1985 Harback look at the SAS in variuous theatres of war.

Great Battles of the British Army by David Chandler £1. 1991 Hardback look at the history of the British Army in battle 1700-1945

FIREFORCE by Chris Cocks £15. 2001 reprint of this sought after account of war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry in the 1970s

CONTACT by A F N Clarke £3. 1983 paperback account of Clarke’s tours of Ulster whilst serving with the Paras.

Ships of the Blue Funnel Line by H M Le Fleming £4. 1961 Hardback.


1.   The Cassell Military Paperback Collection £8. 2005 set of 9 paperbacks, Bader, The Great Escape, The Red Baron, Dunkirk etc etc.

2.  Chris Ryan,  Andy McNab, Tom Clancy etc. paperback and hardback novels with a military theme – two for a £1 plus p&p

3.  Pot luck military books on many themes, SAS, tanks, helicopters, missiles etc – two for a £1 plus p&p

4. The Vintage Book of War Stories by Sebastian Faulks £1. 1999 Paperback – extracts from many famous stories.

Postage and Packing at cost will be added to all prices quoted above.

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