The Battle of the Somme began on 1st July to 18th November 1916

The British troops were joined by the French army as well as Australian, New Zealand, Canadian as well as the South Africans to regain French

the territory that had been occupied by the Germans since their invasion in August 1914.

In December 1915 Allied forces decided on an offence on the Germans.

Many of the British troop's first taste of war was the Battle of the Somme certainly a daunting task for many of the inexperienced soldiers.

The Battle of the Somme will also be remembered for the first use of the Armoured Tank that was used towards the end of the battle and also played a crucial part in a new chapter of Modern Warfare.

Since the battle, many have criticized the leaders of the campaign especially Douglas Haig due to the massive amount of life lost during this campaign regarding poor Military judgement.

Some figures suggest that the British causalities as result of the bloodbath were as much as

400,000 as well as over 200,000 french casualties and well over half a million Germans were also Killed or wounded in action.