Great Britain was the dominant power of the 19th Century in regards Naval Arms.

Great Britain depended on Naval trade to survive being an Island ,and this has been regarded as one of the reason of the start of the First World War between Germany And the United Kingdom.

In 1906 Great Britain launched Battleship H.M.S Dreadnought the first all Big gun steam turbine Battleship that changed the course of Naval warfare.

Great Britain Commissioned Five super-dreadnoughts during 1915-1916 with the lead ship H.M.S Queen Elizabeth being named after the reigning queen of England.

The ships had been designed with devastating Firepower and built to protect the interest of the Royal Navy and fitted with 15 inche guns.

The German also built powerful war ships of their own in the race of Naval Power during the First World War.

Germany wished for a Navy in proportion of their military power to free oversea trades but this would be a Threat to the United Kingdoms and it’s own Empire.

The British Battleship of the first World War was generally equipped with bigger guns and generally fired far quicker than the German Battleships of that time.

The German Vessels were better equipped in regards optical and range finding and also easier to handle than the British Ships.

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