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SS.Kildonan Castle was built by the Fairfield Ship Building company and Launched on the 22nd of August 1899.

Her first duty was as a troop transporter for the Boer War. During the early years S.S Kildonan carried over 20,000 troups from 1899 to May 1901.

SS.Kildonan was used in the early part of the First World War from October 1915 to 10th March 1916 as a Hospital Ship and later used as a armed merchant cruiser.

The ship was used during the Gallipoli Campaign and was the ship on which 2nd/LT Hamo Sassoon, brother of the poet Siegfried Sasson died after sustaining a Bullet Wound to the leg on November 1915.

During the later part of the First World War SS.Kildonian was used as a Merchant Cruiser before returning to the Castle line on 31st December 1921. SS.Kildonan was used as a mail ship for the later stages of her life before becoming a reserve ship. SS.Kildonan was finally broken up on May 18th 1930 at Stavanger.

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